Shallow end

Shallow end squad

training times

Tuesday 6.00pm to 7.00pm OR Thursday 6.00pm to 700pm.

Once swimmers reach Lane 5 they must satisfy the following criteria to move onto the Red Squad.

Guidelines for Movement from Lane 5 to Deep End Squad

  • 2 width front crawl full stroke Bilateral breathing
  • 2 width back crawl – high arm recovery
  • Breaststroke legs on the front – feet turned out – with float
  • Breaststroke arms
  • Butterfly legs on back and front
  • Head first and feet first sculling on back
  • Have spent some time without goggles - retrieve rings from the bottom

About Us

Kells Swimming Club. To foster and develop Swimming and other water related activities and its participants. To promote the development of physical, moral and social qualities associated with sport, within the participants.


  • Navan Road,
  • Gardenrath,
  • Kells,
  • Co. Meath
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